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Keep Hamilton Beautiful

The Keep Hamilton Beautiful Committee is dedicated to improving the quality of life and appearance of our community. We encourage residents to take pride in their homes, neighborhoods, and businesses. In turn, we look to celebrate those who do a superior job in maintaining their property in such a way that they enhance the overall curb appeal of the entire community.

About Yard of the Month

“Yard of the Month” recognizes Hamilton citizens and businesses who contribute to the overall aesthetics and health of our community by maintaining exceptionally clean and beautiful properties.  The winner of “Yard of the Month” will be provided with a decorative yard sign for display indicating their winning yard for the award month, a posting and photo on our website and Keep Hamilton Beautiful Facebook page, as well as a published picture in the Hamilton Herald Newspaper.  


  • All residential and business properties within the city limits are eligible.
  • Nominations are open to the public from April through October each year.  A special edition Christmas "Yard of the Month" will be awarded to one business and one residential property in December for the best Christmas decorations.
  • Award winners are selected based on the recommended nomination criteria listed below.
  • An award term lasts a single calendar month, and runs from the first day to the last day of that month.

Nomination Criteria

To be considered for the "Yard of the Month," a property must:

  • Be well-groomed:  properties can have a natural, wild-scape appearance, but grass must be mowed, and the perimeter of the property must be edged;
  • Be attractive and pleasing to the eye:  green lawn; a variety of plants such as trees, shrubs, ground cover, flowers, wildflowers; plants with a variety of heights, textures, and colors; landscape features such as fountains, large rocks in beds, etc.;
  • Have buildings, fences, porches, and patios in good condition:  minimal distraction from the landscape due to deterioration, damage, or construction;
  • Have invested extra effort using attractive art pieces:  pottery, ironwork, potted plants, birdhouses, patio or lawn furniture, windsocks, decorative mailboxes, etc. *Natural landscape should be the primary focus;
  • Be free of litter, junk, and debris:  no appliances or indoor furniture on porches or patios; free of junked or inoperable vehicles; no parking on the lawn.

Have you seen a yard or property that’s worthy of being honored as “Yard of the Month?” 

Submit your nominations using our on-line form!

Congratulations to these "Yard of the Month" winners! 

  1. Sarah Bauman

    Sarah Bauman

    Executive Director
    Phone: 254-386-5954

  2. Economic & Community Development

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    103 ½ N Rice
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    P.O. Box 224
    Hamilton, TX 76531

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