Roadway Maintenance Fee

The City has established a roadway maintenance fee to be paid by utility customers within the city limits. Such fee shall be set in amounts which will provide funds to properly maintain the city transportation system. 

Collection of the fee shall be made by a monthly charge to be added to the city Municipal Account Statement beginning with the first utility bill after January 1, 2019. 

If you have questions or concerns, please email them to the City Administrator or contact City Hall. 

Roadway Maintenance Fund 

A separate and dedicated fund shall be created effective December 13, 2018, to be known as the Roadway Maintenance Fund. All fees collected by the City for the purpose of construction and maintenance of the transportation system shall be deposited in the Roadway Maintenance Fund. It shall not be necessary or required for the expenditures from the fund to specifically relate to any particular property from which the fees were collected. Billing will begin for commercial and residential accounts on January 1, 2019. A report of the Roadway Maintenance Fund and the street maintenance fee program will be provided to the City Council on an annual basis.


Billing & Collection Fee

The fee shall be billed and collected with the monthly municipal account statement, and shall be due upon receipt - beginning with the first utility bill after January 1, 2019. 

Recovery of Unpaid Fee

Any fee which is not paid when due may be recovered in action at law by the City. In addition to any other remedies or penalties provided by this section or this Code, failure of any customer of the city utilities to pay the fees promptly when due shall subject such customer to the discontinuance of utility services provided by the City. 

Disposition of Fees & Charges 

The Roadway Maintenance Fee shall not be used for the general government proprietary purposes of the City, except to pay for the equitable share of the cost of accounting, management and government thereof. Other than as described above, the Roadway Maintenance Fee shall be used solely to pay for the costs of operation, administration, planning, engineering, development of guidelines and controls, inspection, maintenance, repair, improvement, renewal, replacement and reconstruction of the Transportation System and costs incidental thereto. 

Modifications & Adjustments

The City Administrator, or his or her designee, shall consider a written request for a modification or adjustment of the payment of a street maintenance fee only for the following reasons: 

1. The customer believes the Roadway Maintenance fee was charged in error; or 

2. The customer disputes the category of land use used in calculating the fee for the owner's benefited property. 

Such written request for modification or adjustment must be received by the City Administrator no later than ten (10) Business Days from the date of delivery of the municipal account statement which is being disputed. The City Administrator shall make his or her decision based upon the information provided in the written request. 

The City Administrator may also, in his or her sole discretion, contact the customer directly for additional information. It is the responsibility of the customer to provide such documentation as may be necessary to prove the sufficiency of their request for an adjustment or modification. 

The City Administrator shall determine and inform the customer in writing of his or her decision within 30 days from receipt of the written request for modification of adjustment. 

In matters relating to item 1 and 2 above, the decision of the City Administrator shall be final.

  1. City Administrator

    Physical Address
    200 E Main Street
    Hamilton, TX 76531

    Phone: 254-386-8116
    Fax: 254-386-3508

Roadway Maintenance Fee Schedule

Type of Account Monthly Charge
Commercial $10.00
Residential - Single Family $7.78
Residential - Multi-Family (Apartments, Duplex, Condo) $6.10