What Are BMPs for Commercial Customers?

All of the BMP DO’s and DON’Ts for Residential Customers, plus…

  • Sweep floors before mopping to keep debris out of floor drains.
  • Sweep instead of hosing down parking lots, sidewalks and outside areas.
  • Keep disposal and recycling containers in easy reach for kitchen employees.
  • Install and maintain a properly-sized Grease Trap or Grease Interceptor.
  • Train employees on FOG BMPs and grease trap maintenance.

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1. What Is FOG?
2. Why Should I Help?
3. What Are BMPs?
4. What Are BMPs for Residential Customers?
5. What Are BMPs for Commercial Customers?
6. What Is a Grease Trap?
7. How Big Is a Grease Trap?
8. What Is the Difference Between a Grease Trap and a Grease Interceptor?
9. What Does This Ordinance Mean For My Business?